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Fortnite - Chapter 3 Season 4 Cinematic Trailer
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Fortnite - Chapter 3 Season 4 Cinematic Trailer
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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II Worldwide Reveal
The Worldwide Reveal showed off gameplay footage for the first time
by Joe Wilcock on June 08, 2022   

After a few live actions trailers featuring Steve Aoki and Pete Davidson, Infinity War has finally unveiled Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II to the world. Slated for an October 28th 2022 release, the trailer provided details on the upcoming reboot. 

Infinity Ward had already made their intentions and ambitions clear for the Modern Warfare sequel in "Preparing For a New Era of Call of Duty", an article featured on their website:

"Throughout all of its accomplishments, Infinity Ward has been hard at work staying true to its core value: continue innovating Call of Duty and how it delivers to one of the greatest gaming communities out there.

We most recently saw this in 2019’s Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®, which was a step-change forward for Call of Duty as it became an instant hit and best-seller with fans everywhere.

Innovations continued as the game was an example of the franchise’s new approach to post-release content: having every base weapon and functional attachment unlocked through base gameplay, removing the Season Pass in favor of free post-launch content, and introducing the new Battle Pass system for rewarding players for just playing Call of Duty.

Now, as we look to 2022 and beyond for this iconic series, we’re proud to welcome back Infinity Ward as the lead developer for this year’s Call of Duty experiences to be released starting on October 28, 2022.

The Ultimate Weapon is Team."

- Call of Duty Staff


Infinity Ward is confident they can continue the forward momentum of the franchise by “staying true to its core value: continue innovating Call of Duty and how it delivers to one of the greatest gaming communities out there”. 

Innovation perhaps isn’t the word that springs to mind when Call of Duty is mentioned. There was speculation beforehand though that the Worldwide Reveal may feature a map editor mode, which would allow players to create maps and have a chance to become a verified Call of Duty map maker. However, this wasn’t present in the video. A shame too because this would have presented players with the tools to create maps that may even surpass the quality of Infinity Ward's own. Alas, it wasn’t to be. 

Activision also confirmed back in February that they plan to release the next evolution of Call of Duty: Warzone to coincide with the release of MWII but it wasn’t to be seen in the trailer either. 

"Following Modern Warfare’s release in 2019, in March 2020, Infinity Ward together with the talented development studios across Call of Duty provided a free-to-play, massive-online battle arena compliment to Modern Warfare known as Warzone™. It would go on to welcome over 100 million players.

And within its first year, Modern Warfare delivered six seasons of action-packed, post-launch content, from new fan-favorite maps like Shoot House to the blockbuster Warzone limited-time event Haunting of Verdansk".

- Call of Duty staff

Instead, we were shown very little in terms of new features and modes with the trailer focusing on teasing the classic story and gameplay itself, but there have been several previews that may reveal more. 

Referred to internally as COD 2.0, it has been confirmed that all future Call of Duty games will be developed in the same engine with Modern Warfare II and Warzone 2 being the first two. Speaking to GamesRader+, Activision communications director, Stephanie Snowden, explained the reasoning behind this:

"When one of the teams puts in a really cool rendering or audio or animation feature. Then we have to have a bunch of people implement it in the other engine, and then another engine again. There's a large chunk of it that from what I suppose you probably thought of as the IW engine. There was a large chunk from our other teams as well that got integrated into that.

There's challenges associated with it in terms of merges and branches and things like that. But I would say that it's been only for the better, because we ended up getting the best of the best of the best of the best features. And we have the best of our engineers in any particular area, working on this technology that we're all making use of."

- Activision communications director, Stephanie Snowden

Snowden was aware of the risk of potentially "homogenizing" the franchise and used Call of Duty: Black Ops as a good example:

"A Black Ops game historically has had a slightly different feel - some different art direction and things like that - than an Infinity Ward game. And I will tell you, from my point of view, from our point of view, we celebrate and embrace that we're not looking to mash them all together into one."

- Activision communications director, Stephanie Snowden

Furthermore, MWII has prioritized improving its AI to incorporate them into all modes across the game. AI troops will have the capability to group up, flank and function as a strategic entity rather than cannon fodder. 

The game has also upped the ante on its water combat, allowing players to fire pistols and use knives underwater for stealthy takedowns. Whole levels have been reworked to better include this innovation. 

The Open Beta is available if you pre-order the game to give players entry to early access.

More information will be shared in tomorrow's kick-off to the Summer Games Fest. 

Check back with DailyGamer for more Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II news. 



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