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The Summer Game Fest 2022 Review: EVERYTHING You Need To Know

Quite a lot was announced over the 90-minute show.
by Natalie Collazo on June 09, 2022   

With E3 out of the picture for 2022, Geoff Keighley took it into his own hands to make sure we had a summer filled with game announcements. His show, Summer Game Fest, started its live stream today and announced some incredible titles while also confirming several leaks. The entire show will last over the weekend but today's live stream showed 90 minutes of new content for fans all over the world. We watched the entire show and just so that you don't have to worry about setting aside an hour and a half of your day to watch it, we outlined all the highlights below.

Last of Us Remake

This announcement had already been made quite some time ago though no one was sure of the actual release date. During the show, however, we were greeted by the voice actors for both Joel and Ellie, Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson, as they announced the official release date. We should expect a September 2 launch for PS5 with a later release date on PC. Neil Druckmann also took to the stage and announced that it was a full-fledged remake, citing the PS5 re-release as simply the "definitive version" of the game. The game will be renamed to The Last of Us Part 1 to reflect its sequel's title.


Street Fighter 6 - Announcing Guile

Similar to the above, we already knew about Street Fighter 6 though this announcement comes in the form of a new character announcement. We had shown how most of the cast was revealed in a leak earlier this week so the character of Guile doesn't come as much of a surprise. The trailer shows off his gameplay style and even shows him fighting against his American rival Luke as well as the legendary Ryu.


Aliens: Dark Descent

While this wasn't necessarily the Alien: Isolation title we were all waiting for, Tindalos Interactive announced the four-player co-op game, Aliens: Dark Descent. The trailer shows four Colonial Marines using different weapons to take down an army of different creatures. The game looks to be a fantastic addition to the Aliens franchise of games and even though we don't see any gameplay, there's hope that we will see some soon. No official release date was added to the trailer though we can expect to see the title sometime in 2023.


The Callisto Protocol

During this portion of the show, Striking Distance CEO Glen Schofield took to the stage to discuss their newest project The Callisto Protocol. The trailer comes right after Aliens: Dark Descent and highlights evermore the dangers of outer space. It looks to be a third-person horror game much like Dead Space where you will be forced to explore the ship that you've been abandoned on. There look to be different melee and ranged weapons that players can take advantage of in order to save them against the evil among them. The end of the video shows off the Day One Edition as well as the Digital Deluxe Edition as well as a release date of December 2, 2022.


Flashback 2

If you remember Flashback 2 then... well, you're old. If you happen to be a fan of the game, then you'll know that today's announcement of Flashback 2 marks the first game in the franchise in over 30 years. The trailer shows off snippets of gameplay that have you exploring a futuristic world using sidescrolling, Metroidvania tactics. A concrete date for the game's release was not announced though it looks like it's going to be available on all current consoles this winter. Not much more was shown with respect to gameplay so it's safe to say that we will hear more about the title in the coming months.


Fort Solis

We are all fans of Troy Baker in one way or another. Today, he stepped into the Summer Game Fest stage with Roger Clark or Red Dead Redemption 2 to announce a new thriller game that they have been working on together. The game is set on Mars as space settlers have colonized the planet only to be attacked by an unknown entity. The trailer doesn't show anything about gameplay or even the style of game that it will be, though it definitely built up the hype. No date was given and the fact that this was just a teaser showing off the concept for the game, there's a good chance that we won't be hearing anything for a while.



After nearly a decade of development, we finally hear more about the sci-fi horror game Routine. The new trailer shows off some gameplay of the main character traveling through some sort of underground system. They are then attacked after witnessing an enemy which then fades the screen to black to announce the game's title. There is still no release date or window for the game though this announcement might garner one soon. They did announce, however, that the game will be available for Xbox consoles as well as PC upon release.



Frost Giant Studios, a studio well known for being comprised of former Blizzard Entertainment employees, are working on a new game. The title is similar to Starfract in gameplay and is called Stormgate. The trailer does not show any gameplay though is very reminiscent of content that the team would normally put out. We witness a demon-like entity charge at and fight against some sort of mech. No official release date was given though it was announced that players will be able to sign up for a 2023 beta on their website



Highwater is a narrative-driven isometric survival game that takes place in a flooded world. The trailer shows the gameplay of characters traveling the world via boats and areas that are above the water. It also looks like there's going to be some aspect of combat as the trailer closes with characters walking up to an area with armed guards. It also wasn't revealed whether or not the game is going to be multiplayer though it looks to be that way. No official release date was given though the window provided laid out the rest of this year.


Goat Simulator 3

If you thought there was a Goat Simulator 2 because of this announcement, then it got you too. Coffee Stain Studios began the trailer as though it were to be another Dead Island installment which quickly turned out to be wrong. Instead, the trailer ends instead of with the protagonist turning into a zombie, him being chased down and attacked by goats. No official gameplay was shown but I'm sure we all know what to expect from this title. The release date was also revealed to be the fall of this year though fans can wishlist the game right now on the Epic Games store.

Marvel's Midnight Suns

An official announcement trailer had been announced for this title last year though not much more information was made available. Now, the team behind XCOM has shown off their new and strange turn-based game, Marvel's Midnight Suns. The trailer shows off the dark side of the Marvel universe and offers some brief gameplay of what we can hope to expect. The trailer ends with an official release date of October 7 as well as a Doctor Strange Defender skin.


Honkai: Star Rail

By the makers of Genshin Impact, we introduce Honkai: Star Rail. The game is an open-world sci-fi adventure that follows the story of a protagonist who has embarked on a trip aboard the Astral Express. It looks like we'll be able to experience turn-based fighting systems as well as a team of fighters that each have their own unique abilities. There was no release date announced though it was announced that it is set to come soon. Whether this means that we will be getting the game in 2022 is unknown.


Zenless Zone Zero

Honkai: Star Rail was not the only announcement made by the Hoyoverse team today. They also announced Zenless Zone Zero which offers a fast-paced gameplay style. The video was exclusively cinematic though it's clear that there will be a lot of flair upon release. There wasn't much said about whether the game will be available on mobile like Genshin Impact though more information should be released soon. 


One Piece Odyssey

One Piece has been going on for a long time. Considering that, a new game in the series wouldn't be a surprise. Today, Bandai Namco revealed the latest installment in the long-running One Piece franchise, One Piece Odyssey. The game looks to be a relatively open-world game that follows the Star Hat pirate crew through new adventures. All of your favorite characters are included as well as a few more revealed in this new trailer. There still is no official release date though we should expect to have it in hand at some point later this year.


TMNT: Shredder's Revenge - Casey Jones Reveal

While this isn't necessarily a new announcement, the reveal of Casey Jones is. TMNT: Shredder's Revenge is an old-school beat 'em up title based on the popular TMNT series. Developer Tribute Games and Dotemu announced today that their game will be getting a seventh playable character: Casey Jones. Jones is everyone's favorite hockey stick-wielding vigilante and now you;ll be able to make some damage with him.


Gotham Knights - Nightwing Reveal

Gotham Knights has been on our radar for some time now. While plenty of news has been announced over the last few months, today was the official reveal of Nightwing's character trailer. The trailer shows off the vigilante and some of his moves within the game. He'll have use of both of his batons as well as a grappling hook, a projectile-firing weapon, and more. The trailer also shows off more of what we can expect of the game as a whole. 

Saints Row Boss Factory

We already know that we are getting the latest Saints Row game later this year on August 23. But, did you know that you can create your own character now? Unveiled at Summer Game Fest, you can now download the Boss Factory which allows you to create your own character as early as now. It's available as a pre-download on all available platforms so that you can explore Santo Ileso even earlier than expected.



Developed by Inflexion Games, Nightingale got a new trailer that was unveiled during Summer Game Fest. The trailer briefly shows off the game's card system as well as different first-person survival horror gameplay. You'll be able to travel between realms using cards as well as fight a range of different monsters in this Victorian-inspired fantasy game. It also seems as though the game is meant to be hosted in a shared world where players will fight and craft using things found in the environment.

Layers of Fear Remake

Developer Bloober Team has decided to take another stab at their horror game, Layers of Fear, and it looks absolutely horrifying. The game is set to be a complete remake and instead of focusing on a singular character, will range over different generations. The vibe is still incredibly creepy and the first-person gameplay style seems to have been revamped like never before. No release date was announced though it looks like it will be available on PC via Steam and Epic Games as well as PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

And that's a wrap! Check back with DailyGamer for more news and events in the gaming industry!


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