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Red Dead Redemption Remaster Is Supposedly In The Works

The rumor comes at the same time talk of GTA 6 being in 'development hell'
by Oliver VanDervoort on November 02, 2021   

While Rockstar fans patiently - or impatiently - wait for any real solid news about Grand Theft Auto 6, it appears another one of the company's franchises could be getting a remaster.

According to a recent report, the whereabouts of GTA 6 are still a bit of a mystery, with the project having elements changed over the years.

This rumor comes from French YouTuber Rockstar Mag, a reliable leaker on all things related to the GTA games, who says that the sixth installment in the franchise restarted development when Dan Houser left the company last year.

If the game has "restarted" development that means it is likely still four or five years away. That means it could be as many as 12 or 13 years between installments of the long-running series.

One other factor that could be delaying the title is the possibility the studio is currently hard at work on a remaster of the first Red Dead Redemption. Rockstar Mag's Chris goes on to speculate that this won't simply be a resolution increase, but a remaster that incorporates new graphical assets. Chris also said that if an RDR remaster is in the works, it's unlikely to be coming out any time soon.

It needs to be stressed, as always, that these are merely rumors at this point. Rockstar has not issued an official statement about GTA 6 or any other remasters beyond the older Grand Theft Auto games that are coming later this fall.


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