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ADC Violet Reportedly Re-Joining PEACE in LCO
Violet set to return to Australia
by Tit Krajnik on May 16, 2022   

Vincent "Violet" Wong is reportedly set to re-join PEACE in the League of Legends Circuit Oceania (LCO), following a short and turbulent stint with Golden Guardians Academy. According to sources, the former LCO champion will reunite with Vicent "Gunkrab" Lin, who will role swap to support.

Violet Nearing PEACE Return

Violet's homecoming is on the horizon, ending the turbulent experience in the North American league, where the 21-year-old struggled to get much experience due to visa issues. Violet got picked up by Golden Guardians Academy in November 2021, but he hasn't had a chance to play for the team until March, racking up a total of 20 games by the end of the season.

But despite his lack of appearances for Golden Guardians, Violet has helped his side finish top-three at LCS Proving Grounds 2022 Spring. However, despite achieving middling success in North America, Violet got cut from the lineup on May 11.

On a more positive note, his departure from Golden Guardians was quickly spotted by PEACE, who jumped at the opportunity to re-sign Violet to its League roster. Moreover, the return of Violet also reportedly convinced Gunkrab to return to professional LoL to play alongside his former teammate.

PEACE Rebild Its Lineup

If the reports are accurate, PEACE will enter the LCO 2022 Summer Split with a new bottom lane, featuring Violet and Gunkrab, who last played together at Avant Gaming in 2020.

The arrival of the duo would also see further roster moves in PEACE, including the departure of the current support David "Beats" Nguyen-Dang. Meanwhile, the team's current ADC, Wang "Chayon" Yun-Cheng, is expected to stay on the roster as a substitute.

Besides the changes in the bottom lane, PEACE isn't expected to introduce any new faces to the lineup. This means that the team will continue fielding Yao "Apii" Jian-Jing in the mid lane, Thomas "LeeSA" Ma as the starting jungler, while Romeo "Thien" Tran will continue to serve as the top laner.

The reported changes also put PEACE back on the map as the main favourite to reclaim the LCO title. The Chinese-owned esports organization enjoyed a strong start in the Oceanic LoL league, finishing LCO 2021 Split 1 Playoffs in second place and winning the LCO 2021 Split 2 Playoffs, thus making it to the LoL World Championship in its first year.

Unfortunately, PEACE weren't able to emulate that success in LCO 2022 Spring. The team finished the regular season in second place but crashed out of the playoffs in fourth after losing against Pentanet.GG and ORDER in back-to-back straight sets.


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