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Escape Academy - PAX East Developer Gameplay Walkthrough
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Escape Academy - PAX East Developer Gameplay Walkthrough

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ARMA Releases on Xbox Series X/S for the First Time
ARMA: Reforger becomes the first game in the series to appear on a console
by Joe Wilcock on May 18, 2022   

The ARMA franchise has been synonymous with the PC for decades and has built up a large fan base in the meantime. Ever since its first outing, ARMA: Armed Assault, it has been slowly refining its punishingly hard but realistic military gameplay to great effect. Two sequels, several expansions and a mobile spin-off later, the series finally makes an appearance on the Xbox Series X/S marking its first-ever release on a console.  

Announced during a Livestream event yesterday, developer Bohemia Interactive revealed the new entry in the franchise as a mediator between ARMA 3 and the upcoming ARMA 4. The newest title will be available for purchase as of today as part of Xbox’s “game preview” feature for $29.99. 

The Xbox Wire provided an extensive breakdown of the game, highlighting all that’s on offer in this new Cold War-era military shooter:

“Immerse yourself in realistic combat gameplay and the vast terrain of the idyllic island of Everon, or even create your own! With ARMA: Reforger (Game Preview) players experience a fight for supremacy over 51 km2 of stunning landscape in an authentic Cold War setting.

Live the thrill and intensity of Arma’s realistic battle on Xbox for the very first time. This standalone, multiplayer sandbox serves as a steppingstone on the road to Arma 4 and offers a sneak peek of what’s to come

Powered by Bohemia Interactive’s proprietary Enfusion engine, Arma Reforger showcases exhilarating gameplay while offering powerful modding tools that enable players to create assets, design scenarios, change gameplay mechanics, and alter battles in real time. Console owners can download unique content from modders around the world, allowing them to play an infinite variety of scenarios” 

Multiplayer, Military Careers, and Persistent Player Profiles

“Arma Reforger (Game Preview) offers a seamless multiplayer experience via two distinct game modes. The first is Conflict, which enables players to join others online and experience realistic Cold War combat, fighting for the island of Everon in a massive, open-world terrain as a soldier of the US or Soviet Army. Capture strategic positions, dominate the battlefield, and work in tandem with others to secure objectives in a dynamic and unforgiving environment that features weapons and vehicles authentic to the period, recreated in meticulous detail. 

The second multiplayer game mode is called Game Master, which is as powerful as its name suggests. Game Master is an easy, user-friendly tool that allows players to create various scenarios, manage events as they unfold, and guide other players through curated experiences via Reforger’s real-time scenario editor”

Enjoy Shared Content and Help Shape Arma’s Future

“As mentioned above, Game Master mode offers access to a dynamic, no-holds-barred editor that can create and / or manage in-game scenarios in real time. Designed for newcomers and Arma veterans alike, this curative, mod-compatible game mode offers a responsive battleground where anything can happen. You also can enjoy other people´s mods! Play their scenarios or deploy assets from them. Players can explore the Workshop and filter created content using various criteria like rating, content type, genre, and more. There’s no need to reload the game if you want to join a modded server; simply join the server where your desired mod is located and enjoy!”

“ARMA: Reforger (Game Preview) is just the beginning for Bohemia Interactive and its renowned series; a platform that serves as a steppingstone on the road to Arma 4 and offers an exciting glimpse of the bright future ahead. It’s a tremendous opportunity for Arma’s players: the chance to test Arma’s approach, gameplay, and infrastructure and to shape what comes next for Arma 4 and the series as a whole.”

As exciting as this news is for Xbox and PC fans, it seems as though PlayStation players will be left behind in this endeavour, with no plans to release on the Sony console as of yet. 

Check back with DailyGamer for more ARMA: Reforger news. 


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