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Giant Bomb and GameSpot Lay Off Staff Amid Fandom Acquisition

Who else will be affected?
by Natalie Collazo on January 20, 2023   

In a surprise move, Fandom, the wiki network that owns Giant Bomb and GameSpot, announced layoffs for a significant number of editorial staff across the two outlets. The layoffs were revealed during an all-hands meeting with Fandom CEO Perkins Miller, according to sources familiar with the event. Roughly 40 to 50 employees were affected by the cuts, with some managers caught off guard by the reductions to their teams. Miller reportedly told staff that the Fandom network remains profitable despite the layoffs, but did not answer any questions.

Previously owned by Viacom CBS, Giant Bomb and GameSpot were both sold to Red Ventures back in 2020, and then sold again to Fandom last October. This happened along with Metacritic, TV Guide, and other sites. Fandom's business model revolves around advertising on free, user-generated content, and is owned by private equity firm TPG Capital.

This latest round of layoffs in the gaming media industry comes just a month after IGN faced its own surprise layoffs. This was reported as its team was preparing to cover the 2022 Game Awards. Before that, Comcast shut down its recently revived gaming network G4, Tencent gutted the staff at Fanbyte, and other sites like Game Informer, Polygon, and TechRadar cut staff numbers as well. The layoffs come at a time when companies like Microsoft and Amazon are reducing staff, and advertisers are cutting budgets ahead of a recession manufactured by the Federal Reserve.

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