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Blizzard Won’t Add An Overlay Map In Diablo IV

A much-requested feature isn't coming with the lanunch
by Tit Krajnik on April 17, 2023   

Many of the much-requested changes are coming to Diablo IV; however, Blizzard decided against adding an overlay map. Diablo General Manager Rod Fergusson announced the decision on Sunday, April 14, which caused quite a stir in the Diablo IV community.


Thousands of people eagerly await Diablo IV's release, and the recent announcement of many welcomed changes that will come with the launch led to even more hype. However, among all the great changes, there is also some bad news.

Diablo IV beta, which started in March, proved to be a massive success, and the feedback from the community was mostly positive. Moreover, Blizzard decided to implement many changes to the game based on the feedback, ensuring that Diablo IV will include all the quality-of-life features and balance changes to make the game enjoyable from the start.

However, among all the positive changes, there is also one that doesn’t sit well with the fans of the game. According to Diablo General Manager Rod Fergusson, the game won’t include a map overlay at launch, which is a feature that was missed in the beta.

Without the map overlay, the players have to rely solely on the minimap or open the full map, which puts you in danger as you have to stand still while checking the map. But despite the players asking Blizzard to add the map overlay to the launch, unfortunately, this won’t be the case.

It is also unclear whether Blizzard will add the feature to the game anytime soon, with Diablo general manager Rod Fergusson stating there are no plans for it. This raises the question of why Blizzard decided against introducing the much-requested feature considering how many other qualify of life change and balance tweaks were announced.

Interestingly, Diablo 2 comes with the overlay, while Diablo 3 has a slightly larger minimap, allowing players to see more in comparison with Diablo IV minimap. So since there are no plans for an overlay, there is a possibility that the players will be able to scale the minimap in Diablo IV to an acceptable size, or perhaps we’ll have to make due with the smaller minimap until Blizzard decides to implement any changes.


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