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World of Warcraft & Diablo Crossover Event Is Live

Greedy Emissary Event is live and it offers various in-game goodies
by Tit Krajnik on May 25, 2023   

To commemorate the upcoming release of Diablo IV, Blizzard has released a Greedy Emissary Event in World of Warcraft, which started on Thursday, May 25 and will run until June 16. The event allows players to discover Treasure Goblins and collect various rewards, including a new bag, toys, transmog gear, and more.


The Greedy Emissary Event went live on Thursday, May 25, as a special crossover event between World of Warcraft: Dragonflight and Diablo IV. The event features Treasure Goblins, with bags full of treasures which players can obtain by killing the goblin who spawns in capital cities.

Once the event ends, it will be immediately followed by Welcome to Sanctuary, which will add a global buff, increasing experience and reputation gains by 50%, to help players catch up to anything they've missed while spending their time slaying demons in World of Sanctuary.

The Greedy Emissary Event is currently live across all WoW capital cities and Dragonflight Zones, urging players to band together and fight the greedy saw-toothed thief. Those who will successfully defeat the Treasure Goblin will be awarded various Sanctuary-themed loot, including.

Baa'lial Soulstone (Pet)

Enmity Hood and Cloak (Transmog)

Treasure Nabbin' Bag (Transmog)

Nightmare Banner (Toy)

Tyrael's Charger (Mount)

Wirt's Fightin' Leg (Transmog)

Wirt's Haunted Leg (Transmog)

Wirt's Last Leg (Transmog)

The event will also offer other awards, obtainable through completing the event tasks. Those include Diablo Charms, Twelve-String Guitar toys, Tome of Town Portal, Lochaber Axe, and the 36-slot bag Horadric Haversack. Meanwhile, achievement hunters will be happy to learn that the event will also have its feat of strength achievement - "Little Lord of Lies", which unlocks after a player obtains the Baal'ial pet.

From testing out the event, the "Little Lord of Lies" Achievement is easily obtainable due to the high drop chance of the pet. And if you're lucky enough, a player who already owns the pet can trade it to you.

The Greedy Emissary Event, however, didn't launch without any problems. Shortly after the event went live, a bug with Treasure Goblin spawns allowed the goblin to spawn instantly after it was killed in Valdrakken. Blizzard has since fixed the bug.


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