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Battlefield 2024 Season 5 New Dawn introduces New Gadgets, Weapons, and Maps

Season 5 of Battlefield 2024 is around the corner
by Tit Krajnik on May 26, 2023   

Battlefield 2042 “New Dawn” was revealed by EA DICE on Friday, May 26, with a short trailer confirming the release of the fifth season on June 7. The new season will introduce a new map (Reclaimed) to the game, new weapons and gadgets, and quality of life changes.


Battlefield 2024 had a very poor launch when it was first released in 2021; however, EA DICE has since put in the work and made the game substantially better. Several maps have been reworked, classes were changed, and season three also featured the return of the long-awaited class system.

The last four seasons of Battlefield 2024 have made the game significantly better and put it in a much better state than it was when it was first released. And now, two years after the game's release, Battlefield 2024 is getting ready for the launch of the fifth season, New Dawn, which will introduce many positive changes to the game.

The biggest change coming with Battlefield 2024 New Dawn is the addition of a new wintry map named Reclaimed. The map is set in a Czech industrial facility, where the players will battle over control of a train route. Reclaimed will offer a mix of locations, with the main focus on close-quarters combat.

Besides the new map, Battlefield 2024 Season 5 will also introduce many quality-of-life changes, which include the addition of Squad Management System. That will provide a new interface for players to join specific squads or create a new one.

Other reworks include changes to vault weapons and vehicle loadouts. Later in the season, we can also expect a rework of the Hourglass map; however, this change doesn’t have a set date yet.

Even though we have a brief idea of what changes will come with Season 5 New Dawn, EA DICE has yet to share full details of New Dawn, But we know that all the content will be free, obtainable through progression and that the fifth season of Battlefield 2024 will launch on June 7.


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