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Minecraft Trails and Tales Update Gets An Official Release Date

Trails and Tales Update will launch on June 7
by Tit Krajnik on May 26, 2023   

On Friday, May 26, Mojang announced that the Trail and Tales update for Minecraft will be available on June 7. This marks another of many updates Mojang released for Minecraft, yet it’s possibly one of the most heavily-anticipated content updates in recent years.


Since its release, Minecraft has seen many updates, which kept the game fresh and modern, and we’re now just a couple of weeks away from another major content update release. As confirmed by Mojang on Friday, the Trails and Tales update will launch on June 7, a month after the players got a taste of what it’ll bring via the at the start of May.

The Trails and Tales will introduce new mobs, including Sniffers, described as the first “ancient” mob. Besides new mobs, Minecraft players will also explore a new biome and the game’s past with archaeology which will be added to the game as a new feature.

“Also of the larger variety, the sniffer is a gentle giant that was once extinct. You can bring it back to the Overworld by finding its eggs, hatching them, and watching your snifflet grow up,” read the blog post.

Among other new features are Pitcher plants and Torchflower seeds, which an ancient plants sniffer can find for you. Another new plant coming to the game includes a cherry blossom located in a new biome, allowing players to produce wood from its trees to construct houses, make tools, weapons, and more.

“I would recommend an endless cycle of hatching, so you can always look at the adorable snifflet discovering the world while the grown sniffer sniffs out seeds for ancient plants: the torchflower plant and pitcher plant!”

The Minecraft Trails and Tales update will go live on Wednesday, June 7.


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