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Everything We Know About PlayStation's Project Q

What does PlayStation's newest handheld even do?
by Natalie Collazo on May 26, 2023   

A promotional image of Sony’s Project Q.

Even though Sony stopped working on the PlayStation Vita, it looks like their run with handheld hardware isn't over just yet. During last night's PlayStation showcase, a handheld device titled Project Q was revealed. The very best way to describe it is a streaming device that connects to your PlayStation via WiFi, no matter where you are and so long as the game is installed on the PlayStation 5. In some ways, it might even be considered the PlayStation's version of the Wii U.

Unfortunately, the handheld was shown off with little to no details beyond what it does. what it looks like, and the fact that it will play the games at up to 1080p and 60fps. As far as what it looks like, it is an 8-inch LCD screen with each half of a Dualsense controller on the side, like Joycons. Considering the hardware, there is a good chance that it will cost anywhere between $400 and $450 USD. 

The only real competition that this piece of hardware would have is Nintendo's Switch, if any. With that being said, we are unsure of Project Q's battery life, what processor is in it, and if it's a touchscreen, along with a variety of other questions. Hopefully, we will learn more as the year progresses, but it's clear that the hardware was shown to have some sort of hardware shown off at the showcase.

Check back with DailyGamer for more news and information about PlayStation and Project Q.


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