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Activision's Call of Duty x Crash Bandicoot Crossover

A surprising crossover of Call of Duty Modern Warfare II
by Tit Krajnik on June 21, 2023   

Activision announced a Call of Duty Modern Warfare II x Bandicoot as its latest crossover in celebration of the release of Activision’s new title. This marks another surprising addition to the game, following the Die Hard, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Attack on Titan crossovers, available for Call of Duty Modern Warfare II and Warzone.


On Tuesday, the official Call of Duty YouTube channel unveiled the latest crossover with a short video showcasing references to Crash Bandicoot, including Crash Bandicoot-themed weapon blueprints and vehicles. The crossover was announced as a celebration of the release of Crash Team Rumble, a new online multiplayer game.

Of the new skins, the vehicle skin (The Bandicoot) is the most noticeable addition, as it replaces the generic Call of Duty: Warone ATV with a blue and gold kart, closely resembling a vehicle used in Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled.

Besides the new ATV skin, the new bundle also includes various Crash Bandicoot skins for MW II and Warzone weapons and 1,800 CoD points. However, while an interesting addition to the game, the new bundle ran into some issues.

The new Crash Team Rumble bundle in Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 was temporarily removed from the in-game store on Wednesday, June 21, following a mixup in pricing, which saw the pack cost nearly as much as the full game.

When first announced, the Crash Bandicoot bundle was set to cost 1,800 CoD points, which equates to $18,00. However, when it was added to the game, it had a price tag of 2,400 CoD points, which cost $19,99, the same price as Crash Bandicoot, which currently goes for $19,99 as a part of the Summer Sale promotion.

After Activision spotted the mistake, the developers released a statement that anyone who purchased the bundle for 2,400 CoD points would be refunded the difference (600 CoD points).

It has yet to be confirmed when the Crash Team Rumble will be re-added to the store, but the fans can expect it to appear in the store in the coming days with the right price tag.


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