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Riot Shares Future Plans For League of Legends, Including A New Champion Briar

Riot Games has many plans for League of Legends until the end of the season
by Tit Krajnik on July 28, 2023   

In the latest developer update video, released on Friday, July 28, Riot Games shared its plans for the future of League of Legends and updates coming with the 2024 preseason. Some of the most notable changes include Jax visual update, a new champion Briar, and changes to Arena.


In the League of Legends developer update, Developers Andrei "Meddler" Van Roon and Jeremy "Brightmoon" Lee spoke about Riot Games' plans for League of Legends, including the Essence Emporium, Quick Play, and Wild Rift skins, before touching on what is to come in the future.

As revealed, the League of Legends 2024 preseason will bring significant changes to items and item systems, new champion Briar (first revealed in April), and the long-awaited Jax's visual and audio update, which was announced in April's roadmap.

Jax's visual update will only make him look more modern, and he still won't be getting a real weapon. Instead, Jax will continue to use a lamp post from his hometown, which is, according to the lore, the only thing he saved from it before the town got lost to the void.

Of the announced changes, the new champion is the most exciting, but we don't know much about it besides that its kit will revolve around his "uncontrollable hunger" and that it's planned to release later this year. However, it's still unclear whether Briar will release before the season ends or after it.

On a more positive note, we know that the Essence Emporium will open with Patch 13.17 on August 30. For those unaware, Essence Emporium is an event that introduces sales to the LoL in-game shop, offering various cosmetic items which are purchasable with Blue Essence, and it always includes at least one exclusive skin, such as Urfwick.

In the developer update, Meddler and Brightzmoon also talk about LoL Arena and how Riot is uncertain about its future and if it will return. As explained, if the arena does return, it will look different.

"This version of Arena is intended specifically for Soul Fighter, and we wanted to take some time to hear feedback before we make any future decisions. Assuming Arena does return in the future, there are definitely some features we didn't get to in this version."

More specifically, the changes made to the Arena could include custom lobbies and the ability to queue with multiple friends, two things the community has been asking for since the arena game mode went live. Another addition Riot Games plans to introduce is Quick Play, a game mode where the players skip the champion selection. This was initially planned to go live in May but was later delayed until later this year due to Arena.


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