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Activision Bans Over 14,000 Modern Warfare II Cheaters

Another success in Activision's war agianst CoD cheaters
by Tit Krajnik on July 29, 2023   

Activision's war against cheaters in Call of Duty continues with another ban wave, which hit the game on Friday, July 28, leading to a ban of over 14,000 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II accounts. According to Blizzard, the ban wave targeted cheat developers at the source, which helped lead accounts linked to the cheats used in MWII and Warzone.


In the latest ban wave, Activision approached banning cheaters differently, targeting the cheats at its source rather than chasing individual players who used cheats and other prohibited software. According to COD Updates, Activision targeted users of popular cheating services, EngineOwning and InterWebz, 14,000 of whom got banned from Call of Duty Modern Warfare II and Warzone for good.

The latest ban wave comes ahead of the release of Season 5, which is set to launch on Wednesday, August 2. The new season will bring a lot of new content, including new weapons, maps, and operators for MWII and Warzone.

Most notable additions to the game with Season 5 include two core maps in Punta Mar and Strike and two gunfight maps in Canal and Lounge which will come with the launch. Moreover, Season 5 will introduce a new game mode, Havoc, as one of three game modes that will be added with Season 5, along with a variety of returning gunfight variants.

The pre-Season 5 ban wave comes four months after Activision boosted its RICOCHET anit-cheat software, which targeted XIM and Cronus users, and ultimately led to fewer players dodging CoD's anti-cheat detection.

Last month, RICOCHET included an additional feature (Hallucination) to battle the cheaters by tricking them into targeting fake mirages of players, and according to Activision, the feature has proven to be very effective.

On the other front, Activision is losing its battle against cheaters. As reported earlier this week, the original Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (2009) is facing a huge cheating plague that started shortly after the official servers returned online. It was discovered that some players used malicious software on official MW2 servers to inject malware into other players' devices, which led to the shut-off of the service that remains offline.

Since Activision has its hands full battling MWII and Warzone cheaters, it remains to be seen whether it'll dedicate resources to fix the old servers, which begs the question of when players will get to enjoy the old game on official servers again.


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