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Counter-Strike 2 Introduces Map Ranking For Premier Mode

One-trick ponies are getting exposed
by Tit Krajnik on September 01, 2023   

Valve’s latest announcement of changes coming to Counter-Strike 2 unveiled a major overhaul of the in-game ranking system, and the majority of the community likes it for one simple reason. It will expose players who aren't able to play more than a few maps.


Premier games will serve as a primary competitive system in the upcoming Counter-Strike 2, with players earning points for winning their games. However, while CS2’s ranking system won’t work any differently than any other ranking system, it’ll introduce one major change – each map will have its own ranking system.

Unlike how it was in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, where players gained ranking points by simply winning a match, CS2’s new ranking system will earn players points for the specific map on which they won. So, if you only play Inferno, you can reach Global Elite rank on Inferno but will not have a rank on any other map.

“Your CS Rating is a visible measurement of your Counter-Strike performance, and it will determine where you stand on global and regional leaderboards. To get your CS Rating, play matches in the updated Premier mode (our Active Duty Pick-Ban competitive mode) either on your own or with your friends.”

The announcement was accepted well by the Counter-Strike community mainly because in CS:GO, many players played just one map and reached a high ranking without learning any other map. Ultimately, this created an unfair situation for those who preferred to play all maps in the rotation but got matched against “one-map ponies”.

It remains to be seen whether Premier competitive mode will become the go-to competitive platform for Counter-Strike 2 players. Up to now, the majority of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community preferred to play on FACEIT due to the higher tick servers and more competitive environment it offered; however, the general consensus among players is that Premier could become a major feature in CS2.

Premier mode is not a new feature to Counter-Strike as it has been in the game for years; however, it has not been used as much as Valve would’ve liked due to offering suboptimal servers to its alternative – FACEIT. 

On Friday, September 1, Valve started the process of inviting as many eligible players to the CS2 Limited Test as possible, so make sure to check if you’ve received the invite. It’s important to note that the group of “eligible players” includes those with a CS:GO Prime status, who play the majority of their official matches in one of the regions where the Limited test is available, and have an active official matchmaking Skill Group.


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