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PayDay 3 Roadmap And DLC Plans Revealed

Developers have big plans for PayDay 3
by Tit Krajnik on September 08, 2023   

As we get closer to the official release of the long-awaited PayDay 3, the team behind the heist FPS slowly reveals more and more details of what the third iteration of the game will bring. And most recently, the fans got an insight into PayDay 3 roadmap for the first year.


PayDay 3 might not belong in the category of one of the biggest releases of 2023 – depending on who you ask – but it has a massive following of fans who are counting down the days until the game’s official release on September 21. And while we wait for the developers to release the third edition of everyone’s favorite heist game, the team behind PayDay 3 revealed more details about what the first year will bring.

As confirmed in the recently revealed PayDay 3 roadmap, Starbreeze Studios and Overkill Software clearly have big plans for the game, including at least four major DLC expansions that will be released over the year since the game’s launch.

As it stands now, we have no confirmation on what content will each of the DLCs include, but we know their names and approximate release dates.

  • Syntax Error (DLC 1) – Winter 2023
  • Boys In Blue (DLC 2) – Spring 2024
  • The Land Of The Free (DLC 3) – Summer 2024
  • Fear And Greed (DLC 4) – Fall 2024

Besides the DLCs, the PayDay3 roadmap also promises more content over the year, including new playable characters, new skills, weapons, seasonal events, cosmetic items, new enemies, quality-of-life changes, new features, and more. All the promised additions are described very vaguely and don’t reveal much, but it’s clear that the developers have big plans for the game.

Even though the roadmap was accepted well by the fans of the franchise, there is still one more issue that the community can’t seem to let go of. As confirmed in July, PayDay 3 will not have an offline mode and will only be accessible with an internet connection, which was disappointing news for both solo players.

Even those who don’t necessarily need to have an offline mode, mainly due to the plethora of problems and limitations no offline mode brings. Still, that might be the only major problem PayDay 3 will have. At least we won’t know for sure until September 21, 2023, when PayDay 3 officially launches.

Those who can’t wait for 12 days can try to get their hands on the game early by signing up for the second PayDay 3 open beta. Notably, the open beta will run on an older build from the one that will be released later this month.

How To Get Into PayDay 3 Open Beta

Xbox Users

  • Sign in to your Xbox account
  • Navigate to the Xbox Insider Hub
  • Find PayDay under the preview section
  • Apply for access and wait for a confirmation email


PC Users (Steam)

  • Login to your Steam account
  • Visit the PayDay 3 Steam page
  • Below the purchasing options, there’s an option to request beta access
  • A confirmation will arrive in the email linked to your Steam account

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