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WoW: Dragonflight Season 3 Will Introduce Larger Item Level Increases Between Tiers

A +39 iLvl difference between the lowest and highest tiers
by Tit Krajnik on September 12, 2023   

On the World of Warcraft: Dragonflight 10.2 PTR, the gear item level increase from Season 2 to Season 3 is significantly larger than usual, with a +39 iLvl difference between the tiers, up from the usual +26. Therefore, with 10.2, Mythic raid items will range between 480 and 489 iLvl.


The Patch 10.2 PTR revealed that the item level in the upcoming WoW: Dragonflight will be significantly higher than what WoW players are used to, with a +39 iLvl difference between the lowest (LFR) and highest (Mythic) tiers. That's a 66.67% increase from the traditional +26 iLvl difference between the lowest and highest tiers.

As a result, players who are Mythic Aberrus geared or those with 447 gear will have the same iLvl gear that drops from "Looking For Raid" Amirdrassil difficulty rather than normal difficulty. This change is quite significant as it should make gearing progression feel more like how it was at the start of the expansion and much different from how it was between Seasons 1-2.

Raid Item Level Per Tier (10.2)

Difficulty Amirdrassil
LFR 441-450
Normal 454-463
Heroic 467-476
Mythic 480-489

Mythic + Item Level 

Difficulty Dungeon Great Vault
2 441 454
3 444 457
4 444 460
5 447 460
6 447 463
7 450 463
8 450 467
9 454 467
10 454 470
11 457 470
12 457 473
13 460 473
14 460 473
15 463 476
16 463 476
17 467 476
18 467 480
19 470 480
20 470 483

Crafted gear in WoW: Dragonflight Patch 10.2 will go from 431-444 with Whelping Crests, 447-460 with Base Spark, 460-473 with Wyrm Crest, and up to 470-483 with Aspect Crests. Relative to Season 2, all crafted item tiers will be three iLvLs lower.

Besides changing the gearing progression, WoW: Dragonflight Patch 10.2 will also introduce a plethora of class tuning and massive nerfs to Mass Dispell and a minor yet significant nerf to Power Infusion.

The Mass Dispell cooldown will go up to two minutes (was 45 seconds) due to it being too strong of a spell, bringing too much utility for the little cooldown it had. Moreover, Improved Mass Dispell is now a PvP talent and reduces the spell's cooldown by 60 seconds (was 20 seconds).

Power Infusion will receive a slight nerf, reducing its haste from 25% to 20% and its duration from 20 seconds to 15 seconds.


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