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Unity Plans To Charge Per Game Installation

A new definition to pay to play.
by Natalie Collazo on September 13, 2023   

Developing a video game is one of the most difficult and time-consuming things you can do in the industry. It looks as though Unity is going to make it a little more difficult soon with a new business model as part of its Unity Engine. There is a large variety of games that have been developed using the engine, and now it wants to charge developers even more with the installation of their games across platforms.

To make things clearer, the company has a subscription tier that developers can opt into that would license every download across different devices so long as the game belonged to that player. Now, beginning on the first day of the new year, developers will need to pay an additional monthly Unity Runtime Fee which will be charged per new game installed over 200K times or if they have a revenue of over $200K for the year.

The fees are expected to be $0.2 for Unity Personal users and $0.15 for Unity Pro users. Those who are subscribed to Unity Plus will need to choose a different tier starting today as this one has officially been discontinued. This has caused outrage for those who are developers for much smaller games as it could ultimately destroy a studio overnight. Many developers have thought to change engines since the announcement, but it just isn't feasible for most. There isn't even a concrete way for Unity to be able to track these installs, which is what is making developers even more concerned.

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