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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - The Worst-Rated

Players aren’t stoked about MW3
by Tit Krajnik on November 13, 2023   

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is the latest game to get review-bombed, which tanked its rating to the all-time lowest of the franchise. But are things as bad as they're portrayed to be?


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 players haven't held back in sharing their frustration with the latest title of the franchise, posting mostly negative reviews on the game, which has already become the worst-rated CoD title in history.

The latest CoD game sits at just 51 rating on Metacritic, where the game doesn't have a single positive review, the highest being 65. However, while the critics didn't leave positive reviews on MW3, the players approached rating the game even harsher, setting the user score at just 1.5, giving it an overall rating of "Overwhelmingly Dislike."

Things don't get much better on other platforms, seeing how on Steam, MW3 has a mostly negative review from nearly 3000 reviews.

Many players call CoD: MW3 the worst CoD game in the franchise's history, others claiming it's nothing more than a cash grab from Activision. The biggest criticism of MW3 is the campaign, which left most fans dissatisfied, but it's not like the multiplayer is considered the game's strong suit either, with most calling it a full-priced DLC for Modern Warfare 2 rather than a standalone game.

Even though the campaign felt underwhelming, it seems like most of the negative reviews are affected by the recent reports, which suggested that Modern Warfare 3 was developed in just 16 months. This could offer an explanation for why the game feels rushed; however, this might not be entirely correct.

In contrast to the reports, Sledgehammer Games later stated that the team had spent years on Modern Warfare 3. But regardless of how much time Sledgehammer Games actually spent on MW3, there's no denying that the game hasn't been accepted by the fans too well.


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