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CS2 Update Introduces Changes To Active Duty Maps

CS2 Update introduces much-needed changes to active duty maps
by Tit Krajnik on November 17, 2023   

On Thursday, November 16, Valve released a new CS2 update, which introduced fixes and improvements to all seven active duty maps, including Nuke, Mirage, Overpass, Inferno, Ancient, Anubis, and Vertigo. Besides map changes, CS2 Update also pushed gameplay adjustments to audio and visual feedback and sub-tick improvements.


Since the release of Counter-Strike 2, Valve has been pushing out patches and updates to address some of the biggest issues with the game. And while the game is in a better state now than it was at its release, Valve is far from done with the improvements.

The most recent patch, which was released on Thursday, November 16, introduced a plethora of gameplay changes, but the most notable are improvements to all seven active duty maps in Premier. Even though the recent CS2 Update focused most on fixing the grenade inconsistencies and clipping issues, the visual improvements to Overpass and Inferno are the biggest changes introduced with the update.

On Overpass, Valve added a metal plate to the SWAT vehicle located on A site to hide the player’s feet, whereas on Inferno, Valve removed the bucked on B site, as it was often mistaken for enemies during combat.

CS2 Update Map Changes


  • Fixed various cases where level mesh was disappearing occasionally
  • Various visual updates and fixes to models and materials
  • Straightened out some collision that was pushing players off of walls or corners
  • Turned off the collision of some light fixtures that were pushing players off of walls
  • Added a metal plate to swat van to hide player feet, adjusted clipping around van
  • Fixed some small holes in the world
  • Fixed some texture mapping seams
  • Added player clipping on some floor grates to smooth player movement
  • Fixed some issues with the collision and surface property of fire extinguishers
  • Added and adjusted some grenade clipping
  • Adjusted some clipping on boxes and cable stacks in connector


  • More player and grenade clips adjustments
  • Closed various holes and cracks in the world


  • Fixed clipping around scaffolding at bombsite b to prevent one-way peeking through geo


  • Fixed z-fighting on stairs in connector
  • Improved ground at bombsite A so that it has more accurate footstep sounds
  • Fixed gap in world around b-site planting area
  • Fixed z-fighting a backdrop temple near t-spawn
  • Fixed missing collision at connector that would allow grenades to fall through world
  • Fixed hole in world at street that allowed players to see through to canal
  • Fixed vis issue on street looking back to t-spawn
  • Fixed UV stretching in connector
  • Sealed up holes in building rooftops for entire level to prevent grenades getting stuck in void
  • Fixed holes in lower tunnel
  • Fixed hole in canal


  • Moved bucket on scaffolding on bombsite B that could be mistaken for player during combat
  • Closed hole to prevent grenades from falling through the map on bombsite A
  • More player clip adjustments
  • Fixed various micro gaps


  • Minor clipping fixes on rooftops and hut
  • Better caustics in pool at B site
  • Fixed vis issue in garage looking towards hell


  • Fixed some light fixtures showing backfaces
  • Fixed some light fixtures being misaligned
  • Fixed missing vent pieces in Tunnels
  • Attempt to fix players clipping through wood boards by stairwell at bombsite b
  • Fixed bad clip above door at the elevator
  • Fixed flashbang inconsistency with metal gratings at scaffolding
  • Fixed missing collision on horizontal tower beams at b-site
  • Added grenade clips around bombsite b to prevent smokes getting caught in bad spaces
  • Cleaned up geo and did a grenade clip pass around scaffold to make grenades work better
  • Added grenade clip to b platform
  • Fixed disconnected girders at mid
  • Moved stack of drywall at back door>b for better movement/cover
  • Improved clipping at side
  • Jobsite injury signs are more responsive


The changes were accepted well by the Counter-Strike community, who must be happy with Valve and it putting in the work to improve the game. However, while the update is a step in the right direction, Valve still has a lot of work to do before it resolves all the issues with Counter-Strike 2.

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