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Six Days In Fallujah Harrowing Content Update With Three New Maps

Experience the battle of Battle of Fallujah with three new scenarios
by Tit Krajnik on December 19, 2023   

On Tuesday, December 19, Six Days In Fallujah released a new Harrowing content update, which includes three new missions for the realistic first-person tactical shooter. The update nearly doubled the available content in the game, allowing players to explore three new scenarios.


The Harrowing content update will take players to three new scenarios set in Jolan Amusement Park, Objective Virginia, and West Manor, each with its unique objectives and instructions. All three missions are available now, with more content updates set to be released in 2024.


Three New Missions

The Jolan Amusement Park will take players to an abandoned open-air amusement park. They’ll aim to destroy mortar emplacements throughout the zone and fight off insurgent attacks from tunnels and hidden spaces.

The Objective Virginia scenario will instruct players to defend an M1 Abrams tank, “Crazy Horse,” pushing deeper into the city of insurgents. Those who prefer close-quarter combat will prefer the West Manor scenario.

In the West Manor mission, the team is sent to an Al Qaeda headquarters with the goal of securing the building while fighting insurgents who are hiding behind every corner and getting ready for ambushes through the networks of tunnels.

More Content Set To Release In 2024

The recently released update is just the tip of the iceberg of what Victura and Highwire Games have in store for the tactical FPS. As confirmed, more content updates are scheduled for 2024, bringing true stories from the second battle of Fallujah to our screens, recreating battles, and offering players to experience real-world scenarios by using real-life military tactics.

In the coming months, the developer plans to release two more features and content, including:

  • “GO” Command - take control of your AI teammates with unique tactical control
  • Single Player Missions – specific moments from the second battle of Fallujah

The Six Days In Fallujah Harrowing content update went live today, with all three maps available now. The game is currently available on Steam as an Early Release with a limited-time 25% discount, priced at USD 29.99. EUR 29.99 and GBP £24.99.

What Is Six Days In Fallujah?

Six Days In Fallujah is a military tactical first-person shooter that recreates real-life stories from the Second Battle of Fallujah from the perspective of Iraqi civilians and the coalition forces. 

The battle began in November 2004, after Al Qaeda in Iraq seized control of the city of Fallujah. Six months later, Iraq’s prime minister ordered a military operation in which Iraq’s forces fought alongside American and British soldiers to retake the city.

It is nowadays regarded as the bloodiest battle of the entire conflict for American troops.


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