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Blizzard Announces Blood Moon PvP Event Hotfix

No more graveyard camping
by Tit Krajnik on February 10, 2024   

World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery Phase 2 launched on Thursday, February 8, without major issues. The second phase introduced a plethora of new content for players to explore and things to do, including the Blood Moon PvP event. Unfortunately, the latter came with a problem.

Blood Moon PvP event is one of the biggest additions to WoW: SoD Phase 2, besides raising the level cap, new Gnomeregan raid, and new runes. It introduced a new rule to how SoD PvP events are played, awarding players with tokens for killing the opposite faction rather than forcing them to farm reputation.

While a solid idea, its execution wasn’t as smooth as players soon found an easy way to farm kills – by spawn camping. Fortunately, Blizzard stepped in quickly and addressed the issue.



No More Graveyard Camping

On Saturday, Blizzard released a hotfix for Season of Discovery regarding the Blood Moon PvP event. The fix will make it so players who recently resurrected won’t be worth anything for one minute, thus preventing the unnecessary graveyard camping, which proved to be an effective way to farm kills in the new zone.

“The new Bloodless buff you get after rezzing does not prevent you from gaining stacks. It prevents you from giving hostile enemies stacks for 1 minute.”

The new Blood Moon event replaced the Ashenvale PvP event from SoD Phase 1, where the players were tasked to kill the opposing faction’s generals and leader in order to gain a reputation, which unlocked powerful weapons and gear. For Phase 2, Blizzard introduced the Blood Moon event, which takes place in Stranglethorn Vale and has no PvP objectives.

Instead, players can earn currency during the Blood Moon event by killing the opposing faction and using the currency to acquire new weapons and items. But it didn’t take long for players to figure out that the best way to kill the opposite faction is to camp graveyards and kill players as soon as they spawn.

With the latest hotfix, this won’t be possible, as players who resurrect will receive a Blodless buff and won’t be worth anything to players who defeat them.

"We’re working on another hotfix that will change Bloodless from a buff to a debuff, so you can see it on a hostile target and know that you won’t gain anything from them. You aren’t forced to run back to your corpse to rez. You can rez instantly and for free at any spirit healer, and there are also chained spirits all over the zone. So you can die, then corpse run to another chain spirit and rez for free, with no rez sickness.”

Another hotfix is planned for the future, which will turn the Bloodless buff into a debuff, allowing other players to see whether their enemy is affected by it. The release date for the follow-up update is still a mystery.

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