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Tekken 8 Producer Responds to Waffle House Requests

Tekken 8 Waffle House stage could happen
by Tit Krajnik on March 31, 2024   

For a while now, Tekken 8 players have been asking for the game to add a stage based on Waffle House. While most understand the idea behind it, Tekken 8 director and producer Katsuhiro Harada questioned the requests but also confirmed it could happen under one condition.

Waffle House is a well-known American fast-food chain that opened its doors in 1955. While most know it for its waffles, ham, pork chops, and other menu items, Waffle House is also known Worldwide for viral videos of customers being rowdy with the employees.

Due to its reputation and the fact that Tekken 8 stages are set in different parts of the world, many players argued that a Waffle house would be a perfect location for a Tekken 8 stage. Yet this unusual request just might become a reality.


Is Tekken 8 Getting a Waffle House Stage?

In a recent Tweet, Tekken 8 director and producer Katsuhiro Harada responded to the requests for a Waffle House stage, asking fans why they want it added to the game. Unfamiliar with the fast-food chain's reputation, Katsuhiro Harada was confused by the requests and their background.

Fans were quick to explain why Waffle House would be a perfect staging event for a Tekken 8 fight, helping Katsuhiro Harada realize a Waffle House stage could be a solid addition to the game. But will it happen?

As explained by Harada, Tekken 8 is ready to add a Waffle House stage. However, this could be tricky as the restaurant holds the trademark and right to the name, meaning that the stage would need to be approved by Waffle House.

Some fans have recommended that Tekken 8 could use a parody name as a legal alternative, yet most hope that Waffle House would allow Tekken 8 to use its name in the game.

As it stands now, a Waffle House is nothing more than a dream. However, it's not entirely unlikely for Waffle House to agree for Tekken to add its location into the game.


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