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NieR Creators Tease That Their Next Project "Might Be NieR"

You never know with Yoko Taro.
by Natalie Collazo on May 15, 2024   

Yoko Taro and Yosuke Saito of the famed Nier franchise have revealed that their upcoming project might or might not be NieR. We phrased it that way because that's exactly how Yoko Taro phrased it. In a Famitsu interview captured by Game's Talk (and then translated using Google's translation feature) we also learn that there's more to expect about the project in the "not-so-distant future."

NieR Creators Tease That Their Next Project "Might Be NieR"

"Might be NieR, it might not be NieR"

We heard the news from the famed Twitter/X account @Wario64, which consistently posts about gaming deals and news from within the industry. The post itself has an essay of replies all talking about how regardless of what game it is, we are in for an intensely long wait time. There are many who are also in denial that it's a NieR title at all, confident that the creator is simply joking around as he usually does.

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The duo is well-known for trolling their fanbase with promises of projects and teasers of creations that sometimes come to fruition. It's a hard place to be in as a fan, but an interesting one nonetheless as Yoko Taro is a force in the industry comparable to the likes of Hideo Kojima and Niel Druckmann. As such, the expectation of them is unsurmountable.

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