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Nintendo Has "No Plans" For The Switch Pro
Despite reports to the contrary, Nintendo isn't working on the Switch Pro.
by Luke Luby on July 20, 2021   

There's been speculation about a Nintendo Switch Pro for quite some time. That's been despite any official comment on the matter ever since the original came out. With the OLED model having been announced, many fans of the console presumed that the Pro would subsquently be unveiled. That doesn't appear to be the case, however, as the gaming giant has cut down those rumors.

Taking to Twitter, the company said that it wanted to set the record straight about reports it deemed inaccurate. One of the more notable of these is the Nintendo Switch Pro. As the company notes:

"We also want to clarify that we just announced that Nintendo Switch(OLED Model) will launch in October, 2021, and have no plans for launching any other model at this time."

That doesn't mean that the model isn't in development, however. It could just be that the company doesn't intend to release it anytime soon. That would still be speculative, though. The Nitendo Switch Pro news comes as the company responded to reports about its profit margins on the OLED Model.

The rumors came from a Bloomberg report that suggests that, despite the version costing $50 more than its counterpart, the upgrades only cost $10 to make. Naturally, many gamers were in uproar about the profit margin. Nintendo has said that that's not the case. Responding directly to the report on Twitter, the company said:

"A news report on July 15, 2021(JST) claimed that the profit margin of the Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) would increase compared to the Nintendo Switch. To ensure correct understanding among our investors and customers, we want to make clear that the claim is incorrect."

The company didn't go on to elaborate, however. As such, it's difficult to determine whether the Bloomberg report is accurate or whether Nintendo is telling the truth about its costs and profits.


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