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Starfield Won’t Feature Seamless Planetary Landings

Todd Howard reveals that planetary and space exploration are 2 separate instances
by Joe Wilcock on June 19, 2022   

For all of No Man’s Sky's early release fumbles (which have mostly been rectified), there was one aspect of the experience which felt truly epic and innovative; launching from, and landing on planets from space. It’s a mechanic which will live long in the memory, even if the planets themselves were bereft of any interest. 

Bethesda’s executive producer, Todd Howard, scoffs at the necessity of the mechanic, citing that “planetary landing sequences are cool to watch, but in the context of a videogame, the thrill tends to wear off after you've done it a half-dozen times or so”. 

Speaking to IGN, Howard explains the reasoning behind this decision:

“We decided early in the project that the on-surface is one reality, and then when you’re in space it’s another reality. 

If you try to really spend a lot of time engineering the in-between, like that segue, you’re just spending a lot of time [on something] that’s really just not that important to the player. So let’s make sure it’s awesome when you’re on the surface and awesome when you’re in space, and those realities look and play as good as they can be."

- Todd Howard, Bethesda Executive Producer 

Howard continues to dispel any worries that fans may have regarding the breadth of planets featured in Starfield. During the Xbox + Bethesda conference, Todd Howard revealed that Starfield will have over 100 star systems consisting of 1,000 planets total. Parallels were quickly drawn to Hello Game’s No Man’s Sky, so much so that it subsequently trended on Twitter. 

"We have done more hand crafting in this game, content-wise, than any game we’ve done. We’re [at] over 200,000 lines of dialogue, so we still do a lot of handcrafting and if people just want to do what they’re used to in our games, and follow a main quest, and do the questlines, you’re gonna see what you’d kind of expect from us. But then you have this whole other part of, 'Well I’m just going to wander this planet, and it’s going to provide some gameplay, and some random content, and those kinds of things.' Kind of like a Daggerfall would, if you go way back."

- Todd Howard, Bethesda Executive Producer 

Starfield will launch on Xbox Series X/S and PC sometime in early 2023.

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