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WoW Classic Hardcore Self-Found Launches Later This Month

A new mode for WoW Classic hardcore gamers is on the horizon
by Tit Krajnik on February 12, 2024   

Launched in November 2023, World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery took the gaming community by storm, introducing a new twist to a 20-year-old game. However, while WoW players get to explore new areas, fight new monsters and use new abilities, the Hardcore community was left forgotten. But not for long.

On Monday, February 12, Blizzard announced World of Warcraft: Classic Hardcore Self-Found mode, introducing new rules to the hardcore mode, creating a more challenging experience.

When Does WoW: Classic Hardcore Self-Found Launch?

As confirmed by Blizzard, the WoW Classic Hardcore Self-Found mode will launch on February 29, 2024, and expand the rulebook of the already existing hardcore rules.

Like in the hardcore version, survival is the name of the game, as all players are given just one life to complete their adventures. While players can join forces with others on their endeavors, you might not want to in the new Self-Found mode.

WoW: Classic Hardcore Self-Found mode will allow players to leap into a new, more challenging adventure, where all players begin from level 1 and are restricted from sending or receiving mail from other players. Moreover, buying or selling items on the Auction House or trading of any kind is prohibited – including receiving enchants.

As the name of the game mode suggests, the players will have to find or craft their own items they need on their journey, which will require a lot of planning and juggling of professions to obtain the most powerful crafted gear.

The announcement of the Self-Found mode comes amid a wave of patches and hotfixes Blizzard has been dishing out across Classic, Season of Discovery, and Dragonflight versions of the game. Yet even now, Blizzard has yet to share any firm details about what the mystery Patch 10.2.6 will introduce.


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